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Wolfgang Endreß
Kirchenstr. 21
D-81675 München
+49 (0)89 - 2354 6862
"Always aspiring to practice goodness..."09/03/2012
- St. Andrea Winery - Eger -

 St.Andrea Pincészet
“Without a terroir there is nothing unique, unrepeatable, and matchless. Styles of wines, attitudes can be similar or can be copied, but true terroirs bearing power, can not. The quality of the wine is decided at the vineyard."

"We would like to help in the birth of original wines by blending the existing viticultural and horticultural knowledge with classic methods. I am sure that every “orthodox” oenologist desires to make a product that gives a real acknowledgement to the professional life of the wine, the vineyard and the oenologist.  St.Andrea Pincészet gives us strength and inspires us to keep going. We would like to prove that we are able to create and produce wines that elicit unforgettable pleasures...

 St.Andrea Pincészet If an oenologist reaches this level of quality and can maintain it continuously with undiminished energy for decades, his vineyard can become deservedly prestigious, and establish iconic wines that can motivate other enthusiastic oenologists.  St.Andrea Pincészet

St. Andrea wines in our catalogue

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