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Welcome you to the Specialists of Hungarian wines.

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 Spring in-house exhibition 2023 Agapé 2018 named best Hungarian red wine!"
The red wine ”Agapé Nagy - Eged-Hegy Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2018” was made by James Suckling, one of the worlds most famous international wine authors, rated with an incredible 98 points and ranked 48th in the series of the top 100 best wines of the year. Furthermore, ”James Suckling more wines from the winery St. Andrea from the Eger wine region rated first class. (11/25/2023)

 CF Success story Cabernet Franc | The alternative to the mainstream
First a follower, then an insider tip, now the main actor! The Cabernet Franc (CF) has worked its way up to become a rising star among the Bordeaux varieties worldwide (in the professional wine scene). The pure Hungarian representatives in particular impress the wine world with their freshness, drinkable elegance as well as fullness and velvety power. For interested wine lovers we have the attractive Horizontalpaket 2017 with 4 x Cabernet Francs from the top vintage 2017 available to get to know. All our Cabernet Francs are listed here. (02/16/2022)

 Áldás A contemplative Advent seasons!
Accompanied by the right Hungarian wines
For a true wine lover, there are no holidays without delicious wines. Suitable for Advent or for a festive dinner on Christmas or New Years Eve! Find your favourite wines with us this year too. Anticipation, gifts or surprises? Curious about (still) undiscovered wineries, getting to know new wines, simply enjoying them or giving them away to loved ones? The right wine makes your Christmas time really festive. Click here for the perfect selection! Have fun shopping at WEINKOMPLOTT! (04.12.2021)

 Áldás Jammertal Wine Estate | Not only has the most beautiful wine cellar ...
... in the red wine stronghold of Villány, but is also one of the leading Hungarian wineries with the most coveted international wine awards. We opted for Bordeaux blends and our favorite single-variety Cabernet Franc. Here you can discover the wines from the winery Jammertal Wine Estate. (17.10 .2021)

15 Jahre WEINKOMPLOTT We are celebrating 15 years of WEINKOMPLOTT - celebrate with us!
In autumn 2005 the time had come to start selling Hungarian wines online. Initially started with a few wineries (including Takler and Konyari), nowadays already leading with 50 wineries from all 6 * wine regions, 2 more were added in December: Juliet Victor from Tokaj and Tóth Ferenc from Eger. Thanks to our customers, WEINKOMPLOTT has developed into one of the leading online retailers for Hungarian wines in Europe. The plan was to celebrate the 15th anniversary with wine lovers at our autumn tasting in Munich with special wines and vintages. Unfortunately, CORONA has overturned our plan. We are delighted to introduce the package "BEST OF DWWA" with 6 award-winning wines at the Decanter World Wine Award (DWWA) in London 2020 as a proud replacement of the planed but failed tasting. We are already looking forward to the next 15 years with many new discoveries with you! (06.12.2020)

 MwSt.-Senkung VAT reduction: 3% discount on all wines from 01.07.2020!
We not only pass on the reduction in VAT decided by the federal government, but also increase the saving advantage to a total of 3% (sale campaigns are excluded) . The discount is already included in the prices. Have fun shopping! (06/30/2020)

 Neue Weine Juni 2020 The long awaited wines are finally here!
We were able to go on a shopping tour again (since the border, which was closed because of Corona, was opened) and brought fantastic wines from the top vintages in 2017 and 2019. From Lake Balaton: IKON & Konyári, from Eger: Bolyki & St.Andrea & Kovács Nimród & and from Pannonhalma: Pannonhalmai Apátsági. (June 18, 2020)

 Jahrgangs-Sets Wine vertical: 2 * vintage wines in one set!
Comparing wines from different vintages is always an experience (vertical tasting). Therefore we now have 4 * different vertical tasting packages with wines from: Heimann , Sauska , Kikelet and Bott . To increase the enjoyment experience, please taste the wines together and blindly! (May 21, 2020)

Hungarian Cabernet Franc The modern Hungary – Pure Cabernet Francs
Cabernet Franc, planted as a pure grape variety in Hungary, has gained definitively the international breakthrough. The worldwide very popular and well-known grape variety is grown principally in the Villány, Szekszárd, Eger and in the Balaton Wine regions. But first of all, for Cabernet Franc the most favorable wine region is Villány. (J. Robinson) Cabernet Franc has found its new home in Villány, becoming a benchmark of the wine region. It perfectly suits the terroir and produces reliably year by year. If you have ever tried Villányer Cabernet Francs , you could recognize that Cabernet Franc has a real mission in the Villány wine region.

 Wein des Monats Our Recommendation: Birtok Vörös 2012 of the Kristinus Winery
There is a big a classical! Fine, delicious, universal drinkable and still well-priced! The best choice for the everyday pleasure. This Cuvée comes from the best lays of the 55 Ha big wine gardens of the Kristinus Winery at the Balaton. All of his drops contain: 2000 hours Sunschein, Merlot, Zweigelt, warm soil, Cabernet Franc, Balaton-Terroir and Kékfankos. It is avalaible now at a very introductory price. Buy now!

 Genussreise durch Europa Our book recommendation: Paula Bosch – Eine Genussreise durch Europa …= „A gourmet tour across Europe“ - was written by the famous German sommelier and wine journalist, Paula Bosch. Here is a great wine book for reading now and referring back to later. We recommend you this book of Mrs. Bosch because of its professionalism and wonderful characterizations. Those are already pretty comfortable with wine, and who are looking for wines not only to drink, rather to enjoy and are interested in exploring new European excellent wines and wineries, all those desperately need this book. And if we mention the European excellent wines and wineries, Hungary cannot miss from this circle. In the focus stands the most famous wine region Villány, in the South of Hungary and the top wine producers of the region, as the Heumann, Tiffán, Gere, and the Bock Winery and especially the great grape variety Cabernet Franc. We have this book already at home. And you? (unfortunately, only in German available)

 GRAND SCHLEMM 2015 Review: Hungarian wines to the Grand Schlemm Menu 2015!
The GRAND SCHLEMM (16th May 2015) was the biggest culinary event of the year on the island Usedom. The top-class chefs of the island prepared the finest aromatical delicacies directly along the beach of the Baltic Sea on 10 different gourmet points („Gourmet-Rastplätzen de Luxe“). Such a nice event WEINKOMPLOTT also could not miss. We served the best suited Hungarian classical red wines to the carefully chosen, compiled and cooked Hungarian menu by Brian Seifert : a Bikavér from the Eger wine region and a Kadarka from the Szekszárd region. After the remarkable Schlemmer-Menu we spoiled the quests with our well-chosen and fine Hungarian TOP quality wines.

 Wines of the kings and Cabernet Franc – Hungarian wines with high quality Wines of the kings and Cabernet Franc – Hungarian wines with high quality
Königswein und Cabernet Franc – ungarische Weine mit Spitzenqualität – with this original headline was published the article of Inga Stracke in the Michelin Magazine Online - WEIN&MEHR – on 24th of September 2013. Unfortunately it is only in German available, but as appetizer, here is a brief quote: ...Die neue ungarische Weinkultur beeindruckt durch ihre Vielfalt und Qualität. Internationale Weinkenner schätzen Ungarn inzwischen immer mehr aufgrund der ausgezeichneten Weine… Mit viel Leidenschaft und harter Arbeit haben die – meist kleinen – ungarischen Winzer es geschafft, das Image ihrer Produkte deutlich zu verbessern. Ungarische Weine haben extrem an Qualität gewonnen! Da sie zwar geschmacklich und qualitativ Weinen aus den bedeutendsten Anbaugebieten der Welt nicht nachstehen, doch im Preis längst nicht an diese heranreichen, gelten viele ungarische Top-Weine bei Kennern weltweit immer noch als Geheimtipp... Read more…

Ungarn Wein – Spezialist im Facebook WEINKOMPLOTT is also on Facebook!
Join us and be part of the WEINKOMPLOTT - Ungarn Wein-Spezialist group and therewith of the contemporary Hungarian wine scene! Find our news and posts on our FB page! Follow us! We are always happy to get your feedback!

Hungarian Wine – Specialist Blog About our Blog
We opened an online diary on the Internet in July 2009. We wrote news on Hungarian wines, about wine - life, our personal experiences and wine-tastings, furthermore our visits to wineries. Thank you for visiting and reading our blog about Hungarian wines but in the meantime we started our own site on Facebook. If you would like to read more about these themes and would like to be well-informed about our news, please follow us there!

And we about us...
Our Online Webshop is the only one in Europe which has the widest selection of Hungarian wines (moreover Hungarian premium wines) and works outside of Hungary.

We concurrently distribute wines from 8 different wine regions – such as Balaton, Eger, Pannonhalma, Somló, Sopron, Szekszárd, Tokaj and Villány – and from more than 50 different wineries.

Our assortment includes wines from several Hungarian winemakers, whose quality wines are recognized and awarded not only on domestic but on international wine competitions as well and who are the most prominent and popular winemakers of Hungary.

Our aim is, beside distributing and representing the well-known, respected and long-operated wineries, also to explore and introduce young talents and smaller family wineries to European customers. We believe that we have a great opportunity to introduce and establish their talent to you, supporting them in marketing and giving them the chance to be well-known all over Europe. We are continuously striving to explore all great Hungarian wines and winemakers and present them and their treasures to European people. Additionally, we are working hard to source the very best examples of wines from native grape varieties and blends direct from the most outstanding vineyards and vintages of Hungary. We would like to provide connoisseurs with the chance to try new and different wines of exceptional quality. And last but not least, we want our customers to love Hungary and its wines as much as we do! This is our mission.

Hungarian Wine Specialist(s)

Our wineries and grape varieties:

Bakonyi  •  Béres  •  Bock  •  Bodri  •  Bolyki  •  Böjt  •  Bott Judit •  Bukolyi •  Chateau Dereszla  •  Csányi  •  Demeter Csaba  •  Demeter Zoltán  •  Dobogó  •  Ferenczi  •  Gál Tibor  •  Garamvári  •  Gere Tamás  •  Gizella Pince  •  Gróf Buttler  •  Gróf Degenfeld  •  Heimann Zoltán  •  Heumann Wines  •  IKON  •  Janus  •  Jekl  •  Konyári  •  Kreinbacher  •  Kovács Nimród  •  Matias  •  Mészáros Borház  •  Myrtus  •  Nyakas  •  Pannonhalmi Apátsági  •  Pók Tamás  •  Ruppert  •  Sabar •  Sauska  •  Sauska-Tokaj  •  Sebestyén Csaba  •  Somlói Apátsági  •  Spiegelberg  •  Szászi •  St. Andrea  •  Szent Gaál Pincészet  •  Szent Tamás  •  Szepsy István  •  Tállya Wines  •  Takler •  Tamás  •  Tiffán  •  Tokaj Kereskedöház  •  Tokaj Nobilis  •  Tornai  •  Tóth & Tóth  •  Tringa •  Tűzkő  •  Vesztergombi •  Villa Tolnay •  VinArt  •  Vylyan •  Weninger  •  Weninger-Gere  •  2HA

Aszú  •  Blauburger  •  Blauburgunder  •  Bikavér  •  Blaufränkisch  •  Blaustengler •  Cabernet Franc  •  Cabernet Sauvignon  •  Cirfandli  •  Chardonnay  •  Furmint  •  Grauburgunder •  Grauer Mönch •  Hárslevelű  •  Irsai Oliver  •  Juhfark  •  Kadarka  •  Kéknyelü  •  Kékfrankos  •  Malbec  •  Merlot  •  Muscat Lunel  •  Olaszrizling •  Pinot Gris •  Pinot Noir  •  Portugieser  •  Rosenstein •  Rózsakő •  Sauvignon Blanc •  Syrah  •  Szürkebarát  •  Welschrizling •  Zweigelt

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