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Hungarian winemaker traditions

"Oh, and by the way, Hungary is a delightful country and its top regions are a joy to visit!" /Michael Broadbent, Master of Wine/

The land of Hungary has always been blessed with a climate and soils perfect for viticulture and wine making. A wide variety of soil types and sunshine in abundance have made the land a wine making region.

The viniculture of Hungary dates back more than 2,000 years. We know that the Celts in the 3rd century (ad) and later the Romans exactly produced wine in this area, but from the beginning of the country foundation we have written records from the Benedictine monks about grape growing and wine making in the country.
For example, already in the 16th century the Tokaj region started to be fashionable, with late harvesting and the aszú grapes (prone to botrytis) producing the sweet white wines the region is still renowned for. Tokaj became known as the 'wine of kings, king of wines ', so termed by the Sun King, Louis XIV. It was soon to become a favourite among the royal households of Europe.

Beside the great stories about kings and wines, it is a fact that Hungary was one of the first countries to implement standards for winemaking in the new ages.

Although the country suffered several major setbacks in the last century (such as two world wars, failed farming policies of the communism and missing investments of money and developing knowledge) the Hungarian wine economy was one of the most successful in Europe in the late 19 th century and now goes back to the several-hundred-year-old traditional position getting back the honorable mention of the international market in the 21 st century.

Hungary has 22 different designated wine regions mentioning here only the most characterstics and leaders for instant where our partner wineries work. As every wine region is unique and has something special, here we would like to give you a shorter introduction about each.

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"The Hungarian wine regions of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in 2012. With the EU laws of August 2009 these categories were standardized not only in their legal status but also in their names: they became PDO’s."
The map showing these territorial categories and these regions (PDO sectors), please find on the official website of Hungarian wines: bor.hu

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