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- Eger -
the "home" of the Bikavérs?!

This old, baroque town is well-known abroad first of all for its wine /but of course the architecture of the city is also very nice./ The "Egri Bikavér" /Bull`s Blood of Eger/ is the special wine with its name made the town of Eger and its surroundings very famous all over the world. The Egri Bikavér is an elegant red blend, mainly based on Kékfrankos.
According to legend, the name originates from the invasion of Suleiman the Magnificent around 1552. "To motivate and support the small group of soldiers during the Siege of Eger castle they were served delicious food and a lot of red wine. Among the Turkish soldiers it was rumored that bulls blood was mixed into the red wine, as otherwise the strength and firm resistance of the town and castle of Eger could not be explained. Finally the enemy gave up."[citation needed] It has been suggested that the term Bikavér was coined by poet János Garay in 1846.

As the Egri Bikavér is a blend officially must contain at least Kékfrankos, what is the unique basic of the egri Bikavér and 4 another grapes from the followings: Kadarka, Portugieser, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Menoire (known as Kékmedoc, or Médoc Noir before), Pinot Noir, and the modern Austrian hybrids, Blauburger and Zweigelt.

As we mentioned above the Egri Bikavér is one of the most famous wine of the region, but if we look back into the history, in the past, Eger was known as an only white-wine-producer area till the 15th century. Only from the beginning of 16th century people started to grow red grapes and make red wine in this part of Hungary. From this time the red and white wines became almost equally presented in the region.
For example, from white grapes named Leányka (Little girl) and Királyleányka (Daugther of the King) is made slightly sweeter and fruitier dry quality wines of the region with complex taste-harmony. Such full-bodied whites of Eger are also the Olaszrizling and the Chardonnay.

(Area appr.: 3910 hectares.)

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