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- Pannonhalma -
the wine region of the Monks

Pannonhalma wine region is situated on the north-western part of Transdanube. This region is one of the smallest wine region of Hungary, but it has one of the oldest viniculture in the country.

The first Benedictine monks came to Hungary in the year 996, when the country was established, and settled down on the hill - named Saint Martin Mountain - near the small village Pannónia and built a monastery. The monastery of Pannonhalma was the first and has been the most famous monastery of the Benedictines until today. They started to grow wine in this territory as they had the knowledge how to make good wine. The first written record about wine growing is to be found in the deed of foundation of the Monastery of Pannonhalma.

The region is known as a traditionally white-wine producing area. For example, according to the survey made in 2000, the Olaszrizling grape has the largest area in Pannonhalma (on 190 hectares)- that is a general feature for all the country, but among the latest plantations there are red grapes as Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir as well.

Area appr.: 750 hectares.

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