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The Gizella Winery - The new Tokaj05/09/2013

 Gizella Pince - Tokaj "When I was a schoolboy, the people were always smiling when the discussion came around to my grandparents’ winery in Tokaj. I felt that it must be something!

 Gizella Pince - Tokaj The winery was called Gizella after my granny. When with my wife – (as the third generation) – decided that we go into viniculture we had no idea what we were taking on! We’ve been laughing about this ever since. Tokaj is a fantastic wine region from which we own just a thin slice. It is a real pleasure to make wine here. But giving pleasure and enjoyment to the people is the bigger experience.  Gizella Pince - Tokaj Actually, we are a link between nature and our guests. It’s a great challenge to transmit values to our consumers and show them the possibly best that our plantations can offer. Exploring the vineyard sites is very exciting and bottling the harvest is a very complex undertaking.

 Gizella Pince - Tokaj We can produce only a small quantity, yet we would be happy if more people could experience our wines. We are personally present on our estate so our guests can have an inside look anytime into the goings-on of our winery. Gizella Pince - Tokaj

About our vinyards

The soil composition in Tokaj is complex and varied. It is different on every site and slope. Roots reach even the volcanic layers which provide the grapes with the organic properties that give our wines their distinctive taste. 6 hectares of plantations with 5 vineyards: each possesses different and diversified characteristics. What do they have in common? Mindful attendance and wholehearted and enthusiastic people."

 Gizella Pince - Tokaj  Gizella Pince - Tokaj

 Gizella Pince - Tokaj  Gizella Pince - Tokaj


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