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Wolfgang Endreß
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The Liszkay Winery and the Hungarian Tuskany09/18/2013

…or a small jewel box in the heart of the Káli Basen. Der Nachschub On the northern side of the Balaton, one is quickly lured by this hidden picturesque village Monoszlo, with its iconic volcanic rock cliff and 'Toscana' landscape.

The Káli basin, with its Mediterranean micro-climate, was greatly admired by the Romans who referred to this jewel location as "Tusculanum", meaning 'holiday resort'. Historically, the Romans produced quality red wines in this region.

In 2001, Monoszlo was a rather unknown village tucked away on the northern side of Balaton Lake. Mihály Liszkay, the owner of the Nobilis Monoszloien Vineyards – falling love with the landscape and the possibilities of the territory - established his wineyards hier, in this region with the set purpose combine the traditional and modern vinicultural technology.
The drawing board was quickly set out, the plots acquired and the meticulous process of cultivating the lands became a reality...


A newly developed vineyard estate has taken shape with high wine production standards; both traditional and contemporary. Recognized prize winning wines as they definitely up the standard of Hungarian wine making.

In Roman times, the Balaton Lake highlands were famous for its red wines. Nostalgia brings back some of these ancient heavenly wines among picturesque volcanic landscapes. The volcanic mineral enriched soils of the Pangyer Terroir officially rank among the highest ratings in Hungary (385/400 points) , rendering a sublime unfathomable terroir and award winning wines.

The success, reliability, and quality of wine-making basically depend on four main factors: human skills, ideal soil and micro-climate, suitable grape varieties, and living in harmony with environmental conditions. A vineyard as a monoculture may be sustained for over 100 years. Thus, it requires considerable attention and skill to formulate its ecosystem. Similarly, great care is given to selection, harvesting, grape processing, and the creation of wine – all in harmony with a given vintage and environmental protection requirements.

The famous Nobilis Monoszloien Vineyard Estate as an exclusive and special accommodation besides the winery, opened its doors in the summer of 2012. Today nine tastefully and individually furnished rooms, wellness, sauna, meditation, relaxation steam room with fireplace, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, lavender sea and wine gallery waiting for guests!


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