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Wolfgang Endreß
Kirchenstr. 21
D-81675 München
Egri Bikavér Superior 11.90 €
Price pro bottle 0,75l
incl. 19%-VAT + delivery costs
1 Liter (l) = 15,86 €

An outstanding Bikavér!
We looked for a long time for 3-4 grape varieties from which the perfect Bikavér should be composed. Once the backbone of the bull's blood was the Kadarka, today it is the Blaufränkisch. We work with both, we have smuggled the spice of the bull's blood from a hundred years ago, Menoir, back into the wine, and Pino Noir ensures the silky roundness." (Ferenc Csutorás)

Full, rich bull's blood with pungent cherries and unusual flavors: blood orange, thyme, chestnut and laurel aromas make it a special Bikavér.

The A.E.S winery
The winery Almagyar Érseki Szölöbirtok was founded in 2009 by Ferenc Csutorás, winemaker from Eger, Imre Csernus, psychiatrist and Péter Mészáros, graphic designer. Their stated goal was to save the vineyards that had once been cleared for clearing and which once belonged to the Archdiocese of Eger. The plan worked very well, and not only do the archbishop's vineyards thrive on the now 8-hectare estate, but there is also its own clone selection, namely the most exciting Kadarka vineyard in the Eger wine region. The wines are made by Ferenc Csutorás, a committed advocate of Kadarka, Egerer Bullblood and natural winemaking. “In our cellar, the winemaker is the additive,” they write on the website, and that is true in every way.

CategoryRed wines
Wine regionEger
WineryA.E.S. | Csutorás Ferenc
VarietyKékfrankos (=Blaufränkisch)
Pinot Noir

Contains allergens
0.75 l

Alcohol content12,5 %
Acid content5,7 g/l
Sugar content1,8 g/l
Temperature17-18 °C
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