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Wolfgang Endreß
Kirchenstr. 21
D-81675 München
Tabunello 25.90 €

Its base is sangiovese grosso, the clone of Brunello – how it is called in Toscana (within that area in Montalcino). It has connection with legendary Italian wineries. It is an extremely late ripening type therefore the crop must be strictly controlled. This way it can provide world famous wines with an incredibly huge ripening potential. The Etruscans and Romans had already grown it - there are 2500-year-old records about it. We are the first and currently the only ones dealing with it in Hungary. If it would not be the case that would mean that it was already present during the times of the Roman Empire in the Province of Pannonia.

CategoryRed wines
Wine regionBalaton (Plattensee)
WineryTörök Csaba
VarietySangiovese Grosso Klone der Sangiovese-Traube

Contains allergens
0.75 l

Alcohol content13 %
Acid content5.9 g/l
Temperature16-18 °C

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